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by zadoch on 12-02-16


Job: Transcendent Class [Champion, Lord Knight, High Etc.]

Rates: 3000x / 3000x / Custom [Easy Leveling]

Normal Card Drop: 50%

Gear Drop Rate: 100%

Etc. Item Drop Rate: 100%

MVP and Mini Boss Card Drop Rate: 0.1%

Quest Items Soon!

Special Features

 Job Changer NPC             Healer NPC

Platinum Skill NPC            Warp NPC

Stat & Skill Reset NPC      Card Remover NPC


Daily War of Emperium Soon [Prizes to Be Discussed]

Automated Events Soon [Prizes to Be Discussed]

Battlegrounds Soon [Prizes to Be Discussed]

Linker Disabled on Assassin [Avoid 1 hit kill]

Costume Converter NPC [Converts Normal item into Costume]

Yggdrasil Seed / Berry Cooldown at 10 seconds

Main potion will be old school self-hunt [Fruits, White Pots, Jellies]

 “Where All Class Can Kill and be Killed”

 Player Commands

@go | @mi | @alootid | @whodrops | @autoloot | @afk

@autotrade [For Merchants]

Date Modified : 12-06-16