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Beta Testing

by ZadocH on 07-30-18


Now on reply from some friends regarding roBrowser, we are triying to implement it, this is not official but you can now test the web version of this server..

Date Modified : 07-30-18

Woe Active

by ZadocH on 12-24-16

WoE is now active, search for Woe schedule..

Beta process

by ZadocH on 12-07-16

Now we are adjusting all things necesary to make the server smoth and clean.. in a few days it will become ready Sealed

Lite Client Ready

by ZadocH on 12-06-16

Now the lite client is ready for download.

Pre- Beta testers coul beging to enter 

Server Information

by zadoch on 12-02-16

Job: Transcendent Class [Champion, Lord Knight, High Etc.]

Rates: 3000x / 3000x / Custom [Easy Leveling]

Normal Card Drop: 50%

Gear Drop Rate: 100%

Etc. Item Drop Rate: 100%

MVP and Mini Boss Card Drop Rate: 0.1%

Quest Items Soon!



Special Features


Job Changer NPC             Healer NPC

Platinum Skill NPC            Warp NPC

Stat & Skill Reset NPC      Card Remover NPC


Daily War of Emperium Soon [Prizes to Be Discussed]

Automated Events Soon [Prizes to Be Discussed]

Battlegrounds Soon [Prizes to Be Discussed]

Linker Disabled on Assassin [Avoid 1 hit kill]

Costume Converter NPC [Converts Normal item into Costume]

Yggdrasil Seed / Berry Cooldown at 10 seconds

Main potion will be old school self-hunt [Fruits, White Pots, Jellies]

 “Where All Class Can Kill and be Killed”


Player Commands

@go | @mi | @alootid | @whodrops | @autoloot | @afk

@autotrade [For Merchants]